Networking Tips

Some Great Tips to Use at the Next Chamber Event

Don’t Be Shy!

You aren’t alone!  80% of the population is a little shy when it comes to networking!

Name Tags

Wear a name tag on your right shoulder (it’s easier to read when you are shaking hands)!

Be Vocal

Use every opportunity to tell people what you do (lines at the grocery stores, elevators, ball parks…)  Work on your personal commercial (15-28 seconds).

Business Cards

Carry 28 business cards with you at all times!  Give one to everyone you meet.  Keep your cards handy (pockets work best).  Try not to dig down into the bottomless pits that ladies call purses!  If you don’t have a pocket, use your left hand for extra cards.

The Handshake

Extend your hand for a hearty handshake, but don’t milk the cow!

Attend Specific Networking Events

Use your networking opportunities to meet new people.  Avoid hanging out with your normal crowd.  You’ll see them often!

Be A Good Listener / Question Asker

Get as much information as you can from the people you meet.  They have a lot of offer you.  Ask lots of questions.  People love to be asked about themselves.


Meet as many people as possible.  Try not to have your time monopolized by a single person or group.

Network Now, Eat Later

Networking and eating are mutually exclusive activities.  Do one, then the other!


Collect all the business cards that you can from the people you meet.  When you get back to the office, jot down a note or two about your conversations.

Get Active

Send a quick note or email to your new acquaintances.  Remind them of what you do and arrange another business meeting when appropriate.

Get Organized

Start a database with the information from the business cards you have collected.  They are a great addition to your mailing lists.

Be a Rescuer

If you se someone standing or sitting alone, join them!

Don’t Sit

Keep moving (unless you are at a luncheon or dinner)!


Possibly, the most important secret of networking — discover something you can do for someone else!

Opportunity!  Opportunity!  Opportunity!

Finally — remember — it is quite possible that the most important person you will ever know is someone you just met!