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    Below are the bios for the Lafourche Parish Councilman, District #6 candidates in the April 24, 2021 election. 
    Early voting begins Saturday, April 10, 2021.

    Terry Arabie

    My name is Terry Arabie and I am seeking the newly vacated position of Lafourche Parish Council for District Number 6. My wife and I are lifelong residents of Lafourche Parish where we have proudly raised our four children. We are blessed with nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren all of whom reside within Lafourche Parish, attend Lafourche Parish schools, and participate in recreational activities provided by the Parish. I have just recently retired from 37 years with the Lafourche Parish Government. During my tenure with the Lafourche Parish Government, it has afforded me ample experience and diversity in regards to how our local Government operates. I’ve worked on various types of projects and in several different departments such as the Public Works Department, Solid Waste, and finally finishing off my career in Administration, to name a few.
    In additional to my career, I am an active serviceman for our Parish. I have served for 50 years as a volunteer fireman, been a member of The Sons of the American Legion, coached various recreational sports, held a seat on the District 2 Recreational board, and have served as a board member on the first Leeville Fishing Village and Cultural Reservation where we strove to promote Leeville’s sporting and fishing in order to ensure its continued livelihood. I also currently serve as the President of the Raceland Lions club where our Motto is “To Serve”.
    I’ve always had the dream of restoring the local festivals within our parish to put us back on the map and to bring our families together for a positive, fun-filled event. This dream was made into a reality in 2014 when myself, an outstanding team and other community organizations have instated the annual La Fete Des Vieux Temps Festival. I serve as the Chairman for this festival and every fall, hundreds of people travel to our beautiful parish to take part in the best we have to offer.
    Lafourche Parish has always been a very special place to me and being given the opportunity to see to the success of District No. 6 will allow me to continue serving our local community. My position with Lafourche Parish Government has afforded me unmeasurable firsthand experience with draining, levees, ponds, solid waste, recreation, as well as our street light programs. It has provided me with a plethora of knowledge both administratively and legislatively. I am confident that with my tenure to our Lafourche Parish Government, and the personal contacts that I have made on the Local, State, and Federal level, I can adequately serve as your councilman. With productive open communication between myself, constituents, other Councilmen, and the administration I will see to the betterment of District Number 6 and of our Parish as a whole. I ask that you please consider my lifelong service and my professional experience and vote Terry Arabie as Councilman of Lafourche Parish District Number 6 so that I can follow through on my motto: “Man of action, not promises.”

    Spence Cressionie

    Spence Cressionie, age 51, has lived in District 6 his entire life.  Married to a professional Firefighter Katie, and has four sons, Lineman Luke, Airman Dylan, Marine Nathan, and soon to be NSU student Joseph.
    Spence graduated from Central Lafourche High School and went into Diesel Mechanics and worked for almost two years.  Later, he graduated from Delgado Community College with an Associate in Applied Science Degree for Electronics with a Minor in Biomedical.   His career in Ship Building started immediately at Bollinger Shipyards.    He has worked his way to Sr. Electrical Designer in 23 years.  Another 5 years followed with Thoma-Sea Marine Contractors.   He is currently employed by Swiftships as an Electrical Design Manager for the last year, where he manages various military vessel designs.
    Spence also started in 1986 as a volunteer firefighter with the Vacherie-Gheens Volunteer Fire Company, and has progressed through the ranks and currently holds the position of Chief for 23 years.   He also currently teaches other firefighters throughout the state for LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute.  He also serves on the Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District No.9.  He is currently working on a two million dollar project for a waterline to improve the quality of life.
    He has also worked for Lafourche Parish Council for 17 years as an On-Call Employees for WMD and Hazmat Emergencies, and resigned to run for office.   He also volunteers for Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office as a POST Reserve Lieutenant for the last 15 years.
    Spence is not a politician, but a person that will roll up his sleeves to get things done.  There are three things he wishes to focus on.   All help each other!
    1. Tax Reform – Currently Central Lafourche areas pay the highest Property Tax Mileages.  There are solutions that need to be explored and changed to reduce the tax to companies and homeowners.  Efficient use of funds must be employed.
    2. Infrastructure – We need Plans, big plans.  LA 1 and LA 308 are congested.   Add traffic that is just Fourchon based, we have unsafe roadways.   It will be years before this pressure will be relieved, unless plans are not put in place soon.   Some say we should do a north and south contra flow.  This does not work; it creates more traffic in both direction and would need more bridges.   What is truly needed is to finish the four lane from Larose to Hwy 90, and from 90 to Thibodaux.  He would also like to see a multi-function Centra-plex in the Raceland area.  This complex can be used by emergency personnel and a shelter from storms.
    3. Jobs – Jobs are being lost to nearby parishes, but the above, and similar, would be created.  Plans alone, would start businesses to compete for prime area centering on the hotel/motel and dining industries.   This shall explode the economy in and around the Raceland area.  This growth would feed the current Tax issues.
    Spence believes he is the right candidate for office.   He has the heart and desire will move this parish forward.    He asks that District 6 grant him the ability for his next level of service.
    He asks that all do their civic duty and vote.