• Thibodaux & Lafourche Parish History

  • Thibodaux History

    Founded on Bayou Lafourche, Thibodaux was a trading post between New Orleans and the Bayou Teche country in the late 1700’s.

    In 1808, once the Louisiana Purchase was completed, the community became the parish seat of Lafourche Interior. Thibodaux was named for Henry Schuyler Thibodaux who was one of the early settlers. His property was divided up into lots to be sold. It was originally incorporated in 1830 as Thibodeauxville but the name was changed in 1838 by Governor E. D. White, a resident of Thibodeaux. In 1918, the official spelling was changed to its current form, Thibodaux.

    Lafourche Parish History

    Lafourche Parish is one of the original Parishes of Louisiana It was created in 1807 and was first known as Lafourche Interior Parish. In the beginning, Lafourche Interior Parish encompassed not only current day Lafourche Parish but also the area of Terrebonne Parish. In 1822, the western part of Lafourche Interior Parish became Terrebonne Parish. The dividing line between the two parishes was east of the current boundary dividing the parishes. In the year 1853, Lafourche Interior Parish became Lafourche Parish as it is known today. The parish seat of Lafourche is the city of Thibodaux.